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On a roof, the slightest damage can take on considerable proportions. At René Perron Couvreurs, we suggest that your roof be cleaned every spring. a careful inspection. Of course, you can examine your roof yourself, but be careful… don’t compromise your safety!

While some anomalies are easily detected with the naked eye, others require specific expertise and specialized equipment. Here are 5 good reasons to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer.

  1. Prevent leaks and water damage: a roofer knows exactly what to inspect to prevent water infiltration. By having your roof checked by an expert, you can sleep peacefully.

  2. Extend the life of your roof: the professional inspection makes it possible to target all the anomalies which can compromise the waterproofness of the roof and its normal lifespan.

  3. Reduce expenses: you know the saying “better safe than sorry”… Repairing the roof will always cost less than replacing it.

  4. Obtain a thermographic inspection: thanks to thermography, the roofer can detect everything that is impossible to see with the naked eye (non-apparent water infiltration and leaks, poor ventilation , mold, electrical overheating problem, insect or rodent infestation and more).

  5. Benefit from exceptional experience and know-how: Everyone has their own job! Roofers are specialists in roof repairs. Not only do they use safe equipment, but they spot and correct problems before they become catastrophic.

What exactly should you inspect?

Among the elements that require special attention are:

  • The covering: Is your white roof membrane stripped of gravel? Are the joints of your elastomeric membrane unwelded? Does your TPO membrane is made gray? are the shingles broken, lifted or moved? Is the sheet metal rusted or damaged? Is the membrane worn or deformed?

  • The flashings: are they cracked or dented?

  • Seals: are the edges of the chimney, skylights, electrical mast, skylights, flashings and other roof accessories well sealed? p>

A professional roofer will check for several other signs that may indicate roof deterioration. He will find the source of the problem and fix it once and for all.

Don't wait until it's too late

The cold season can damage your roof. Sometimes snow and ice accumulations leave signs of deterioration that you should not ignore to protect your investment. Do not wait before it's too late! At a minimum, one inspection per year must be carried out.The company René Perron Couvreurs is proud to count on a team of meticulous roofers who are committed to offering you high-quality specialized services. For optimal maintenance of your roof or any other need, contact us.


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