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Single-ply Roofing Materials in Montreal for Your Commercial Facility

At René Perron Couvreurs, we install single-ply roofing materials in Montreal. TPO membranes are commonly known as single-layer membranes and are ideal for large commercial properties. Made of rubber and other synthetics, these sheets are mechanically fastened, thus creating a layer of protection for your flat roof.

Upgrade Your Roof With TPO Roofing

How about making a choice that is cost-effective for you and beneficial in the long run for your roof? Put your trust in our team at René Perron Couvreurs. We recommend TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membranes, also called single-layer membranes and are composed of a vinyl base. Ideal for flat roofs and low-slope roofs, TPO membranes can be your choice because:

  • They are resistant to UV rays

  • They are lightweight and economical

  • They do not require flame for installation

  • These membranes are made of recyclable materials

  • They have a strong resistance to bacteria and weathering

Please note that TPO membranes are not recommended for ventilated roofs. To find out more about the advantages of using this product on your roof, please contact René Perron Couvreurs in Montreal today.

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