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Roof Snow Removal Services in Montreal

Why and When Should You Remove the Snow on Your Roof?

Upon seeing the first snowflake, we are instantly reminded of the arrival of winter. During the season, it is important not to let snow accumulate on your roof. Too much snow on a roof can be dangerous for passers-by, as well as create roofing subsidence and collapse risks.

It is difficult to precisely identify the ideal moment to proceed with roofing snow removal. However, it is best to adopt a preventive approach. Certain signs can help us identify when it is time to remove the snow from a roof. If you notice a foul odour inside your home, if you have trouble opening and closing a door because of unusual pressure, or if you hear cracking sounds from your foundation, it is time to act.

Contact René Perron Couvreurs for quality snow removal work and enjoy a safe winter season.

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