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At René Perron Couvreurs, the security of you roof is our priority. We offer exclusive warranties on our work for up to 15 years. For more information concerning the conditions of this warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us.


René Perron Couvreurs is one of two companies that can offer you bonded warranties. What is a bonded warranty? If you are eligible for your 15-year warranty, a bonded warranty ensures that, if we close our doors for any reason (voluntary closure, bankruptcy or other), the warranty issued by René Perron Couvreurs will be respected. This provides you with double protection.

Some companies have started to offer 15-year warranties following our initiative, of course, because they have seen the impact of our offer. However, no other company has any protection in the case of closure, and no one else offers you a warranty that is bonded by another company. The bond is issued by “Fonds Spécialisés d’Indemnisation”, which is an independent company with respect to René Perron Couvreurs. “Fonds Spécialisés d’Indemnisation” has signed a contract with René Perron Ltd., which pays a premium for each 15-year bonded warranty issued by the “Fonds Spécialisés d’Indemnisation”.

If you have any question concerning the Fonds Spécialisés d’Indemnisation, please send your request to:


Post Box 23072, Couture Station

St-Leonard QC H1R 3X4

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