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 Photo of a worker coating a white roof in Montreal

Do you own a property with a flat roof that needs to be resurfaced? Are you building a new home and unsure what type of roof to install? At René Perron Couvreurs, we specialize in roof installation, inspection and repair. Our team has noticed an increase in the number of homes and businesses with white roofs in Montreal. Keep reading to find out why people are choosing this type of roof and if it’s the right option for you.

Appealing benefits

White roofs are becoming increasingly popular for the many benefits they provide. Here are a few of them.

  • Unlike asphalt and gravel roofs that absorb heat, white roofs reflect sunlight to help maintain a cool indoor temperature. This helps reduce air conditioning costs in the summer.

  • White roofs are made of a much thinner membrane that’s less harmful to the environment than those used on gravel and asphalt roofs. And because they don’t overheat when exposed to the sun, these membranes don’t suffer as much heat damage and tend to last longer.

  • Since white roofs reflect the sun’s rays, they help reduce the urban heat island effect. This is particularly beneficial in highly populated areas.

  • It only takes a few modifications to transform a flat white roof into a rooftop terrace or garden. Provided the structure can support the additional weight, you enjoy the benefits of extra living space.

New roof regulations

White roofs are becoming more popular in Quebec partly because of building codes governing new construction. For example, several boroughs in Montreal require new builds to have flat white roofs. This regulation aims to prevent the heat island effect and improve air quality in Montreal.

Are you interested in installing a white roof on your home or business in Montreal? The team at René Perron Couvreurs have you covered. Contact a team member to learn more about this type of roofing and get a free estimate.


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