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In Quebec, winters are harsh and snowfalls can reach considerable heights. Our homes and other buildings are built to endure the moods of Mother Nature; despite everything, vigilance is required. All it takes is a mild spell for the snow accumulated on the roof to become too heavy for the frame and then... hello damage!

In this blog article, the René Perron Couvreurs team, which specializes in the renovation, repair, maintenance and snow removal of shingle roofs and flat roofs ( TPO membranes, elastomer) in Montreal and the surrounding area, tells you why, when and how it is best to have snow removed from your roof.

Why should you have snow removed from your roof?

There are at least four good reasons to remove snow from your roof:

  1. Accumulated snow can endanger your safety and that of your loved ones.When snow and ice accumulate at the edge of the roof, the risk of falling to the ground is high and endangers people traveling nearby.

  2. Your roof may sag.The weight of snow and ice can be enough for the roof to collapse. Of course, a small amount of loose snow is unlikely to cause any difficulty. On the other hand, the weight of wet snow can cause major problems with the roof structure, especially if the wood is damaged by mold or if there are construction defects.

  3. Water can seep in.Yes, water can seep inside your home even in winter. All it takes is a mild temperature, a relatively old roof and an accumulation of snow and ice for water that is no longer able to drain normally to find its way under the shingles, infiltrating in the attic and comes… right into your living room!

  4. Accumulating snow can deform the frame of your house.Snow that accumulates unevenly on a sloping roof can create exceptional pressure on the frame of the house, potentially weakening the entire structure.

When is the best time to start snow removal?

You will avoid all problems by clearing snow a few times during the winter, especially when the weather forecasts predict periods of rain and mild weather. Furthermore, it becomes urgent to remove the snow in these situations:

  • If you hear unusual crackling sounds;

  • If cracks form on the ceiling;

  • If the doors rub on the floor;

  • If you smell sewage inside your home.

The best way to clear snow from your roof

Let's be clear: removing snow from roofs is particularly dangerous. This is why it is recommended to call on professionals who have the experience and equipment to clear snow from your roof without endangering your safety and without damaging the roof covering. René Perron Couvreurs has the expertise to clear snow and ice from all types of roofs. This winter, have peace of mind: call us!


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