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At Couvreurs René Perron, we are experts in the installation and repair of residential, commercial and industrial roofs in the greater Montreal area. In this blog, we present to you the advantages of flat white roofs, which constitute the ideal backdrop for… green roofs!

Why should we opt for white roofs in urban areas?

White roofs are flat roofs covered with a white membrane. Why choose this color over another? The reason is very simple: unlike dark shades, which attract the hot rays of the sun like magnets, pale shades repel them. Besides, did you know that the temperature of a light surface exposed to the sun is approximately 10 degrees lower than that of a dark surface? Thus, concentrations of dark roofs in urban areas encourage the formation of heat islands. This phenomenon, harmful to the health of city dwellers, fauna and flora, also forces building owners and tenants to pay considerable sums in air conditioning costs. The solution? Swap dark roofs for bright roofs! Nowadays, reflective membranes are essential to prevent our cities from turning into real ovens in summer...

A white roof is the perfect backdrop for a green roof!

Are you “sold” on the idea of ​​having a white roof for your home or business? Wonderful! That said, what would you say about making this area even more profitable by installing a green roof? In Quebec, green roofs, which consist of transforming a flat roof into a garden, are increasingly popular. This type of roof reduces the negative effects of rainwater runoff, while contributing to the reduction of heat islands. Each green roof is unique: the installation depends in particular on the structure of the building, the plants selected and the covering membrane used - the latter must be particularly resistant, because the plants have weight... and roots! Finally, while allowing you to grow vegetables or herbs, green roofs help purify the air. Interesting, isn't it? At Couvreurs René Perron, we are proud to support all eco-responsible roofing initiatives in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Would you like to know more about white or green roofs? Contact us!


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