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What summer maintenance should you do on your flat roof?

Does your Montreal business or home have a flat roof? As summer approaches, you need to be aware of any imperfections or damage on your roof, particularly related to the insulation. In this article, the experts at René Perron Couvreurs remind you of the necessity of getting a thorough inspection and any required maintenance done before the hot season hits. Here’s a checklist of essential tasks.

Inspect the seams for cracks

This step consists of checking the seams and looking for cracks, tears, punctures or other vulnerabilities where water could seep in. If you notice any of these signs, you must repair your roof as soon as possible so it doesn’t worsen over time.


Do a deep cleaning

Remove accumulated debris, such as leaves, branches and other objects that could block escape routes or serve as hiding places for pests.


Check vents and chimneys

Make sure there aren’t any loose fittings or issues like broken seals or corrosion that may cause leaks. It’s also important to check your chimneys for cracks because this can cause smoke or carbon monoxide to enter your living space.


Examine drainage systems

Ideally, flat roofs should be slightly sloped to allow water to run off into the drains or gutters. Therefore, it’s important to check that the drainage system’s pipes and joints aren’t damaged or leaking.


Inspect the insulation

Ensure there aren’t any signs of damage or deterioration. Inspect the roof for damp spots, discolouration or other issues that could compromise its structural integrity. It’s just as important to ensure that the insulation material is the correct type and thickness. For example, if your insulation is too thin, inconsistent temperatures may make certain spaces uncomfortable. Worse still, inefficient insulation can lead to higher energy costs.


Check the protective coating

Look for cracking, blistering and other signs of wear on your protective coating. You should also inspect the edges and corners of your flat roof to confirm they’re fully sealed against the elements. Additionally, check around vents and any other openings to ensure no water is getting in.


For top-quality roof maintenance, nothing comes close to the expertise of an experienced roofer. Contact the experts at René Perron Couvreurs and have them inspect the roof and insulation your property in Montreal or the surrounding area.