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Support base for air conditioning, patios, etc

Support Base for Air Conditioners, Patios, Etc.

Some owners, and even some so-called professionals, have been very generous to us as roofers by creating a lot of work. When it comes to installing a heat pump, patio or any other item on your membrane, you should know that, ideally, NOTHING should be installed directly on the membrane.

There must be a “buffer” zone between any item installed on a roof and the membrane, so that the weight of the item is cushioned, preventing the gravel from perforating the membrane or the item simply breaking through the existing membrane. There are several materials that can be used as membranes, including rubberized carpets, etc. For us, the ideal solution is even more simple: extruded polystyrene, commonly called Styrofoam, because it is solid enough to support the weight but is not too rigid, which means that the gravel will penetrate the Styrofoam rather than the membrane (see photographs below). Properly installed patio, but unfortunately the membrane is in very poor condition (2nd pic on right). Below (photograph to the right) proper installation with Styrofoam between the support base and the membrane 6 x 6 and membrane (roof) Questions or Comments? Contact us! Jacques Perron Published August 21, 2013


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