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When a certain quantity of snow accumulates, it must be removed.

Caution: There are procedures that must be followed so that the roofing membrane is not damaged, because it is much more fragile in the winter. It’s important to know that you must not use shovels or other steel accessories. You can use ice melters, but some must not be used, because they could damage certain types of membranes. Other melting agents, such as calcium, could cause serious damage indoors if there was ever a water infiltration. Of course, if you are removing snow from a sloped roof, you must take sufficient safety measures. Even on a gravel or elastomeric roof, you must be very careful, because there is often ice right under the snow. The surface will be extremely slippery with just a little snow on TPO type membranes. Suggestion: Even though this kind of a job might seem easy, we suggest that you deal with a specialized roofing company that will know what to do and how to do it. You will avoid possible accidents or problems with your roofing membrane. Jacques Perron Published January 9, 2013 Questions or Comments? Contact us!


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