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Are you the owner of a residential or commercial building with a flat roof? If so, did you know that your heating and cooling costs are closely linked to the insulation of your roof? At René Perron Couvreurs, experts in flat roofs (multi-layer membrane, asphalt , gravel , elastomeric and TPO membranes) as well as in shingle roofs in Montreal, we want to help you save money. Read on to find out if your flat roof is well insulated… or not!

4 signs that your flat roof's insulation is ineffective

A well-insulated flat roof allows your building to optimally withstand temperature variations. But from the moment the insulation fails, certain clues come to light.

Here are 4 signs that don’t lie:

  • In winter, your building remains unusually cold;

  • In summer, it's the opposite, that is, the air inside your building is too hot and your air conditioner seems powerless;

  • You notice the appearance of stains (mold) on the ceiling or on the walls;

  • Your energy bills (heating and cooling) are abnormally high.

If any of these signs appear, there is most likely a problem with the insulation of your flat roof. See it quickly!

Why is flat roof insulation so important?

It's not complicated: a poorly insulated flat roof harms the integrity of the structure of your building. Poor insulation leads to problems with damp, condensation and rot, which invariably end up damaging the roof and the entire building. And that’s without taking into account air leaks which result in increased energy expenditure…

What to do if you think your flat roof is poorly insulated? Call an expert!

A careful inspection carried out by a master roofer remains the best way to know if your roof is well insulated. Additionally, we recommend a thermographic inspection so that any irregularities invisible to the naked eye are detected and can be corrected without delay. At René Perron Couvreurs, our qualified professionals use sophisticated thermographic equipment to complete the inspection of flat roofs. In addition, we carry out high-quality insulation work with high-performance and environmentally friendly materials. For personalized advice or a free estimate, contact our insulation experts now.


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