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How to avoid weather damage to your roof?

From wind to rain to snow, ice or hail, bad weather can wreak havoc on your roof. It causes deterioration over time, ultimately affecting the appearance and value of your entire property. At René Perron Couvreurs in Montreal, our roofing experts can help keep your roof in good condition. Here are some top tips from our experienced team to prevent bad weather from damaging your roof.


Don’t neglect professional inspections

Even if you can spot some types of damage yourself, a professional inspection is the only way to get a full sense of the condition of your roof. Getting a complete inspection by a professional twice a year is strongly recommended just before the freezing temperatures set in and immediately after the spring thaw.


Check your roof regularly

If your building structure allows, or if you have a safe ladder, take a look at your roof after weather events like heavy downpours and windstorms. Look for any signs of weather damage. If you have a flat roof with a multi-layer covering, for example, you may notice displaced gravel or a crease in the membrane. These quick checks can help you to spot an issue and react quickly.


Pay attention to your surroundings

The condition of your roofing is also at the mercy of its surroundings. If your property has large trees, branches and leaves could accumulate on your roof, creating problems like a perforated membrane or obstructed drains. You may need to hire a pruning service to prevent damage.


Repair damage immediately

If you’ve spotted an irregularity or sign of roofing damage, address it quickly. Whether it’s premature wear and tear, mould or water seepage, correcting the issue before it worsens is in your best interest. If you live in the Montreal area, contact our roof inspection and repair specialists as soon as possible.


Carefully maintain your roof

Ensure all leaves, branches and other debris get removed from your roof every fall. Through the winter, clear away any accumulated ice and snow after heavy storms.

Do you want to entrust the roofing inspection of your flat or pitched roof to only an experienced team? At René Perron Couvreurs, our roofers will give you an accurate assessment and carry out thermographic inspections in Montreal. Fill out our estimate request form or contact us to arrange a visit from our roofing specialists.