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Photo of two roofers on a flat roof

Working at height, especially on flat roofs, presents various safety challenges. The good news is that you can minimize the risk of accidents by taking the appropriate measures. Here are some essential steps to ensure rooftop safety, as recommended by the flat roof experts at René Perron Couvreurs in Saint-Léonard and the greater Montreal area.

Trained and Informed Staff

Proper staff training is crucial for flat roof safety. All our workers are familiar with safety procedures, potential risks and emergency protocols. Apprenticeships include instruction on safe lifting techniques and proper use of safety equipment when working at heights.

Risk Assessment

Before starting work on a flat roof, it’s crucial to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential hazards, develop a plan to address these dangers and implement preventive measures.

Use of the Right Safety Equipment

Using suitable personal protective equipment is vital for accident prevention on flat roofs. This includes safety harnesses, belay ropes, helmets, goggles and non-slip footwear. We ensure all equipment is in good condition, properly adjusted and worn at all times — even for quick tasks.

Implementation of Collective Fall Protection

Collective fall protection equipment, such as guardrails, safety nets and safety barriers, can be necessary for safeguarding against accidental falls on flat roofs. The equipment must be correctly installed and in good working order.

Monitoring The Weather

The weather can significantly compromise safety when work is carried out on flat roofs. Our staff avoids working in too windy, rainy or snowy conditions, as this can increase the risk of slips and falls. Our site managers also regularly monitor the weather forecast and adjust their plans accordingly.

Maintaining Constant Communication

Our workers remain in constant contact with each other to promptly report any problems or potential hazards. Communication devices such as two-way radios facilitate coordination and emergency alerts. In the roofing industry, a commitment to safe practices is paramount for preventing serious accidents. At René Perron Couvreurs, we specialize in flat roof installation and repairs for asphalt and gravel, elastomeric membrane, and white roofs. We serve residential and commercial customers in Laval and Montréal (Saint-Léonard). Contact us today for high-quality work done by employees who strictly adhere to all safety standards.


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