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Photo of people trying to catch water from a leak with buckets

Many problems, large and small, can affect your roof throughout its life span. In the case of a small leak, basic repairs are enough to keep your roof in good condition for several more years. However, when you have a substantial leak, you need to take significant action quickly.

René Perron Couvreurs are experts in roof installation, prevention plans and repair in Montreal, and they’ll come to your rescue in an emergency. Here’s a step-by-step guide to handling emergency leaks.

1. Protect your assets

Water can cause a lot of costly damage. A major leak can impact the roofing structure, walls, floors and furniture, anything the water touches. It creates an additional hazard when electronics are affected. Put out buckets, plastic containers, towels and blankets to protect the floor and any objects you can’t move. Take whatever you can to a dry space.

If you see bulges form in the ceiling where water is collecting, puncture the area to allow drainage into buckets. In any case, try to remove as much humidity as possible from the affected areas by opening windows and turning on fans. Airflow will help prevent mould from developing.

2. Call your insurance company

Call your insurer as quickly as possible to let them know about the problem. Find out how much you may be reimbursed for damages and repairs. Take lots of photos to document the condition of your property and assets. You may need these pictures later as proof.

3. Contact a professional

You may be inclined to investigate the leak on your own by moving the damaged gypsum and insulation materials out of the way. It’s best not to rely on your judgement in a case like this. Trust an expert to find the root cause of the problem.

It can be challenging to assess the full impact of water damage. A significant leak makes it hazardous to move around your attic, as the water may have compromised your home’s structural integrity. Only a qualified professional has the necessary tools and resources to examine your problem, diagnose it, and let you know what repairs will be needed. Again: don’t forget to take photos.

Whether you’re dealing with a major leak right now or you want to prevent one in the future, keep René Perron Couvreurs top of mind. Our award-winning team provides roof installation, repair, and preventative maintenance in Montreal, and we offer 24-hour emergency service. Contact us to talk about your roofing needs.


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