Photo of people clearing snow from a roof

Do you need to regularly clear snow from your roof during winter?

Whether your property has a sloped or flat roof, snow removal is probably one of the last things on your mind when the white stuff starts to fly. You may even wonder if removing accumulated snow from your roof is necessary since it eventually melts on its own. At René Perron Couvreurs in Montreal, roofing is our specialty, so we have good reason to believe in the importance of roof snow removal. Here's why and how often it should be done.


Why it’s important to remove snow from your roof

Although most roofs in Quebec are designed to withstand heavy snow, they’re not infallible. Here are some dangers of neglecting snow removal:

  • Snow can obstruct your drains and gutters. Accumulated water can seep into the building and cause damage.
  • Falling snow and ice can injure passersby and damage nearby vehicles.
  • Snow and ice are heavy. If left uncleared, your roof can sag and may even collapse.

When to remove snow from your roof

Once 60 centimetres of snow have accumulated on your roof, it’s time to clear it. This prevents the weight of the snow from posing a hazard. However, remember that snow mass can vary throughout the winter. For example, powdery snow is a lot lighter than wet snow. Additionally, ice is much heavier than snow. Therefore, it’s best to regularly remove snow rather than waiting until it has piled up.

Several other signs could indicate that it’s time to remove snow from your roof. Do you notice cracks in your home’s ceiling or walls? Do you hear loud or unusual creaking? Are your doors dragging or scraping along the floor? These are all warning signs that your roof could be buckling under the weight of too much snow.

Clearing snow from your roof can be dangerous. For example, you could fall or electrocute yourself on nearby electrical wires. If you don’t have the right equipment for the job or your roof is still under warranty, we strongly recommend investing in professional snow removal with a reputable company, such as René Perron Couvreurs. We serve customers in Laval, Montreal and the North and South Shore. Contact our team for professional snow removal.