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 Photo of a flat roof

Flat roofs are usually found on commercial buildings rather than residential homes. However, flat-roofed homes have become increasingly popular because of their numerous advantages. As your go-to roofers in Montreal and Laval, the team at René Perron Couvreurs knows all about flat roofs. Here are five interesting facts.

1. They’re reliable and durable

Contrary to popular belief, flat roofs aren’t more prone to leaking than pitched roofs. If correctly installed and maintained, they’re just as watertight as sloped roofs. Moreover, flat roofs generally last 10 to 30 years. However, this largely depends on factors like the quality of the materials, installation and maintenance.

2. They’re not completely flat

Despite their appearance, flat roofs typically have a two per cent slope. This allows water to run off the roof and drain away from your home.

3. They’re energy-efficient

If made with the right materials, flat roofs can help reduce your heating costs. The level surface is designed to direct heat away from your home, resulting in substantial savings on air conditioning costs in the summer.

4. They enhance your living space

An expertly designed flat roof can be much more than protection for your home. Do you want to work out and feel like you’re on top of the world? A sturdy flat roof can be converted into a workout area. If you have a green thumb, you can turn your flat roof into several square metres of garden space to beautify your home and act as insulation.

5. They require special care

Despite their numerous advantages, flat roofs require special care. This is especially true during Quebec’s harsh winters. The roof must have the proper slope and ample insulation to prevent heat from escaping. The roof must also be regularly inspected and maintained to remain in good condition for many years.

Roofing specialists in Montreal

At René Perron Couvreurs, we can install, repair and maintain your flat roof in Montreal, Laval and the surrounding areas. Our professional roofers ensure every job exceeds your expectations and protects your property. Contact us today for more information.


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