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When you looked up at the ceiling, you discovered the presence of water, or was it when you stepped in a small puddle on the floor that you realized that liquid was dripping from the ceiling? You are probably in the presence of a leak! At René Perron Couvreurs, specialists in roof installation and repair in Montreal and the surrounding areas (Laval, South Shore, North Shore),, we have prepared this article to help you identify your leak step by step.

1. Make sure it’s really a leak

If you have a leak, you will find traces of mold or a stain on the ceiling whose center is darker than the ends. This color variation is explained by the fact that the water has been accumulating in the middle for a longer time and is gradually expanding. If you notice small stains in the white center (even when it's not raining) or peeling paint, it's because you have a problem with humidity and condensation.

2. Locate its origin inside

Once the existence of the leak is confirmed, you must find out where it started. Is it near a wall that divides the building? In the center of the room? In the corner of a skylight? Detecting the source of the leak will then allow you to more easily find where it is coming from outside.

3. Find the source outside

Transpose the interior location to the exterior of your home. If necessary, use the plans of the establishment for help. You will therefore have to study a more restricted area to find the precise source of the leak. If you have the necessary skills and equipment, carefully climb onto the roof so you can determine the cause of your problem. However, make sure you don't get on it right after a rainstorm to avoid the risk of falling.

4. Determine what to repair or replace

Clearly identify the cause of your problem so you can select the necessary measures to correct it. Is it a damaged shingle, a broken slate tile, a poor seal around a skylight, an improperly functioning gutter, inadequate roof drainage or 'insufficient slope? Whether or not you find the source of your problem, at René Perron Couvreurs, we offer a prevention and maintenance program for flat roofs and sloping roofs in Montreal, Laval and the surrounding areas. For inspection or repair of your roof, contact us!


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