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stagnant water on a flat roof

Does your home or commercial business have a flat roof? Regular maintenance is a must whether you have asphalt or gravel covering, an elastomeric membrane or a white roof. Since 1924, René Perron Couvreurs has specialized in roof installation, inspection and repair in Montreal and Laval. Our team understands the unique needs of flat roofs. Here are three reasons you should never neglect preventive roof maintenance.

1. Your roof isn't immune to damage

No matter what type of roof you have, the elements eventually take their toll. Over time, your roof can develop certain irregularities, such as folding, buckling and scattered gravel. Depending on the type of roof membrane you have, these issues may be normal and temporary. However, it may also indicate the need for roof repair or replacement.

2. Your roof may no longer be waterproof

Roof leaks often happen when flashing and chimney brick joints become damaged. When it rains, water accumulates in these areas and can eventually seep inside, causing structural damage or mould. It’s essential to spot the warning signs of a waterproofing problem before major damage occurs.

3. Your roof has a limited lifespan

The overall condition of your roof directly affects its longevity. For instance, if your roof isn’t properly maintained, minor defects and deformations can become significant problems, resulting in the need to replace your entire roof. Having your roof regularly inspected ensures minor repairs are promptly dealt with to help extend your roof’s lifespan.

Although you can climb on your roof and perform a visual inspection yourself, a DIY inspection can never replace one done by a roofing professional. Ideally, this should be done twice a year, in the spring and fall. At René Perron Couvreurs, we offer a preventative maintenance program called Mon toit j’y vois. Contact us today to book a roof inspection in Montreal and Laval.


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