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You guessed it! The Perron family has grown again this year, with the arrival of Rosalie, the daughter Marc-André and Ellayna, who is the daughter of Marie-Chrystine. So the 5th generation of the company has now begun to take shape among Jacques & Dominique’s six grandchildren. Details here.

Congratulations to the Parents and Grandparents! Congratulations as well to all those who became fathers in 2012, including Rémi Robillard, Yannick Léger, François Delaney and everyone else who saw their family grow in 2012.

Congratulations to Véronique, the first woman roofer at Perron, for her first season with us. She does excellent work and always wears a beautiful smile.

2012 a marked the year of Diane’s retirement after more than 20 years at the company. We wish to thank her for her years of devotion, and we hope she has a wonderful retirement

Guy Cloutier, formerly known as “Big Guy”, lost more than 100 pounds! CONGRATULATIONS GUY! You may no longer be our “Big Guy”, but you still have a big sense of humour!

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Published January 20, 2013


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