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silhouette of 4 boys on the roof

At René Perron Couvreurs, a company specializing in roofing in the greater Montreal region, our team is committed to the quality of life and the development of young people. As donors for 2 years, we are happy to contribute to the mission of the Montérégie Youth Center . Learn more about this organization in this blog article.

The Montérégie Youth Center

For nearly 20 years, the Montérégie Youth Center has offered services to young people in difficulty aged 0 to 18 and their families. The mission of this organization is made up of 4 components, namely:

  1. Protect: intervene when a child is in danger or when they represent a danger to society (or to themselves).

  2. Treat: act in cases of severe social adaptation problems using clinical interventions and follow-ups.

  3. Prevent and promote: intervene early with vulnerable populations and at-risk groups to avoid the repetition or aggravation of various social adaptation problems.

  4. Facilitate understanding: collaborate closely with partners such as the research and teaching communities to exchange means of intervention and knowledge.

The Montérégie Youth Center Foundation

The mission of the Foundation consists mainly of helping children in situations of abandonment or in the process of being abandoned — which represents more than 400 children in the Montérégie region. Furthermore, the ultimate objective of this foundation would be to be able to help all of the approximately 4,000 children receiving services from the Montérégie Youth Center, whether in a family environment, in a foster family or in a reception center.The Foundation wishes to emphasize that despite their difficult situation, young people have great strengths, as well as interests and dreams that allow them to envision the future in a more positive way. Here are examples of programs offered by the Foundation:

  • Study support (fight against dropping out of school);

  • Specialized care (occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy and pet therapy);

  • “Heart Warmer”, a program allowing children to receive a gift at Christmas and on their birthday;

  • Social integration (cultural and sporting activities);

  • Integration into an apartment (preparation of a departure kit);

  • Certain orthodontic treatments.

René Perron Couvreurs: more than roofs…

At René Perron Couvreurs, we are proud to financially support this organization, which is essential to the community and whose actions make a real difference in the daily lives of the most vulnerable young people. To all these dedicated women and men at the Montérégie Youth Center, we take off our hats!

If you would like to join the donors, go to the Foundation website .

If you are looking for an experienced roofer for your roof in Montreal, contact us. At René Perron Couvreurs, we have been in business since 1924!


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