Photo of roofers installing a flat roof

How to choose the right materials for a flat roof

Flat roofs are popular in Quebec, especially on commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you're planning new construction or renovating an existing roof, your choice of material is a key factor in ensuring effective, durable coverage. René Perron Couvreurs are flat roof specialists in Montreal and Laval. Here are several elements to consider in determining the best materials for your roofing project. 


Three options: the pros and cons

Each type of roof covering has its pros and cons. That's why getting to know the unique characteristics of each can help you make a clear decision, while also helping you understand how to maintain your roof for optimal lifespan. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the options offered by René Perron Couvreurs.

  • Asphalt and gravel. This multi-layer roofing method is inexpensive, both to purchase and install. Although it’s easy to repair, its reactivity to temperature changes causes it to have a shorter lifespan than other materials.
  • Elastomeric membrane (modified bitumen). This two-layer membrane requires little maintenance and is highly resistant to damage from tree branches or extreme weather conditions. The trade-off is that the price is higher.
  • TPO membrane. This single-ply option is more expensive because installation requires specialized expertise. Lightweight and recyclable, the TPO membrane is resistant to UV rays and heat but less resistant to extreme cold. It’s also more vulnerable to perforations and seepage.


Your budget and maintenance

Your choice of roofing material will consider factors like your budget for the initial installation and how much time and money you’ll have for maintenance. Educate yourself on the lifespan of each roofing option and how to maximize its longevity.


Municipal regulations

In most cases, the choice of roof covering is entirely up to you. However, some neighbourhoods in Montreal require buildings to have white roofs to reduce the formation of heat islands and their harmful effects on the environment. In such cases, ensure that the option you select is available in a whitish tint (in the case of membranes) or can be covered with light-coloured gravel (if you’re using asphalt).

Are you ready to discuss the different choices of materials for your building’s flat roof in Montreal or Laval, or get a cost estimate for a specific project? At René Perron Couvreurs, we can cover your residential, commercial, institutional or industrial roof according to the highest industry standards. Fill out our estimate request form or contact us.