Electrical Wiring Tripod Bases

As with many other aspects of flat roofs, tripod bases are only very rarely inspected, and they can cause serious damage to your roofing membrane.

Electrical Wiring Tripod Base

In this photograph, we see that the nails that are supposed to affix the metal structure to the wood have been hammered directly into the roofing membrane. As a result, this client had water infiltrations that could have been foreseen and avoided.

However, it could be worse, like this client, who not only had water infiltration, but was also subject to a very high risk of electrocution (photograph below).

Electrical Wiring Tripod

If you do not need to redo your membrane, call an electrician. If your membrane needs to be redone, a roofing contractor will take care of having the work done.

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Jacques Perron

Published May 2, 2013

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